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Below is a list of our services. Click on each topic below to find out more about what we can do for you.

Full-Service Builder

From land selection to closing day, Conbeth Development, LLC is there to help you with either choosing the right new home for you or building your new custom home. Because of our extensive experience (over 38 years in the home building industry), we can address any questions or concerns which may arise throughout the building process. Our expertise is making sure that all of the details of buying or building a new home are covered, and that our buyers are fully informed throughout the building process.


In-House Floor Plan Design

You know that you want a 2-story home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. It has to have a huge back porch, a gourmet kitchen, and tall ceilings. You know that you want hardwood flooring and ceramic tile Pinnacle Home Designsand definitely granite countertops. You have been thinking about and dreaming of this new custom home for many years, but you don't even know where or how to begin to build it. Sound familiar? Conbeth Development, LLC is there for you. We spend countless hours designing, creating, and fine-tuning the perfect floorplan that is right for every one of our buyers. Building a new home can be complicated, and making sure that all of the pieces of your dream home end up on the drafting table is very important. Trust the experts at Conbeth Development, LLC to design and build the home of your dreams - just the way you imagined it! Visit the website of our in-house designer, Rusty Meyer, at Pinnacle Home Designs.


Build on Your Lot or Ours

Although Conbeth Development, LLC builds spec homes to sell, we also have many years of experience building a home on your lot. Because Conbeth Development, LLC is both a developer and builder, most of the time, we will be able to take land that you own, develop it the way that you would like - even save those special trees that you want to keep - and then build your new home. We can also buy the lot you want, get the construction loan and build the house. You buy the house upon completion.


Provide Jobsite Insurance

Conbeth Development, LLC holds residential and commercial licenses in the state of Louisiana. Both Susan and Randy Meyer are certified through the state in the Business Law and Residential Building Contractor classifications. In order to be a licensed contractor in the State of Louisiana, you must have General Liability Insurance as well as Workers Comp Insurance. Conbeth carries all jobsite insurance so that all sub-contractors and workers that are building your new home are completely covered in case of an accident. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry is very important, which is why both Randy and Susan Meyer take continuing education courses through the state as well as the St. Tammany/Washington Parishes Home Builders Association to stay current. Click on the link below to view our contractor's license on file with the state.

Contractor's License for Conbeth, Inc.

Contractor's License for Conbeth Development, LLC


Estimating & Bidding

Because of the changes in the real estate industry, the latest economic news and trends in the nation, and the fluctuating price of gas, purchasing materials for a new home today is much more challenging than it has been in the past. Fortunately, with Conbeth Development, LLC, the service you receive is from an experienced builder who has been through many economic and national climate shifts over the past 25 years. Because of the constant movement of companies through the market and prices trending upward, Conbeth Development, LLC works twice as hard to ensure that all homes built have the same quality product for as close the same price as possible. Our staff is trained to get the best quality for the best price using the most dedicated and experienced sub-contractors to build your new home with grace and style at an affordable price.


Planning & Estimating

Different new home buyers have different styles of purchasing their new home. Some buyers are moving in from out of state and need to have an efficient timeline of events to happen in the correct order so that they can move into their new home as soon as possible. Other buyers are so excitedServices about buying their new home, they can't wait to buy it and move in immediately. Some buyers are very careful about how they choose their home - they weigh and measure all of the features, the location, the floorplan, and even the exterior appearance. Still others want to build custom, take their time, lovingly mold the home of their dreams one room at a time until the home is perfectly complete. Whatever type of buyer you are, Conbeth Development, LLC can help you build the right home for you. By constantly staying in touch with our customers, we make sure we are in tune with their needs and plan and schedule a timeline that will get the home built in a timely and efficient manner.


Project Management

When visiting a jobsite of a new home built by Conbeth Development, LLC, the one thing you should expect to see is a Conbeth staff member onsite handling the sub-contractors, the material deliveries, and moving the job along as efficiently as possible. We encourage our buyers to get to know our superintendents, and we have an open-door policy when it comes to communication with the builder. Randy and Susan Meyer personally handle most aspects of the building of their homes. Whenever someone calls in to speak to the builder, those calls are handled by Randy and Susan Meyer. At Conbeth Development, LLC, our buyers can expect to receive one-on-one personal project management. Building homes can take time, but it should not be time consuming for the customer because Conbeth Development, LLC stays on the job and in touch with the job during every phase of construction.



At Conbeth Development, LLC, we not only build homes, but we also have extensive experience in helping new home buyers get financing for their home - especially in today's challenging economy. Because Susan Meyer has a background in loan origination, she is able to guide buyers to the right resources in acquiring a loan. Because the laws, rules, and standards for mortgage companies and banks are changing practically every week, there is no guarantee that a new home buyer will be able to get a loan, but with Conbeth Development, LLC, you can be assured that every avenue will be explored in getting financing assistance.


Closing Procedures

servicesBecause Conbeth Development, LLC is involved in all aspects of the construction of your new home, inluding assistance with Financing, we work closely with title companies and attorneys to try our best to provide timely, fast, and stress-free closings. After all, purchasing your new home should be the most exciting day of your life. When you are handed the keys to your new home on closing day, it should be a euphoric feeling and not a feeling of relief that you made it through the most stressful day of your life! We, at Conbeth Development, LLC, are all about making your dreams come true with home ownership, and the process of closing your home should reflect our dedication to that goal.


Certified Green Professional

Susan Meyer with Conbeth Development, LLC has earned a CGP (Certified Green Professional) Designation with the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) University of Housing. Randy and Certified Green ProfessionalSusan Meyer are continually attending classes supplied by the NAHB and achieving designation. Obtaining the CGP Designation was very important to them because of the latest industry news about the environment and changing weather patterns. At Conbeth Development, LLC, we strive to do our part to provide our home buyers with the latest trends and technologies because we believe in growing along with our market. For more information about building green homes, please visit our Going Green webpage.


Warranty Information

Conbeth Development, LLC adheres to the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act of 1986 for the warranties on their new homes. Basically this act states that all contractors will follow the same warranty for all work and structures. This warranty is a 1 Year/2 Year/5 Year Warranty. Find the New Home Warranty Act online by clicking on this link.